Thursby, Thursbey, Thorsbies, Thoresby

The following is taken exclusively from the records of Elma Louise Thursby [Maltsberger].  Her original notes, written in 1964, were provided to all family members upon her death.  Her findings are included here with minor editing by Steven J. Davis.

The name is spelled John Thorsbies on the flyleaf of an old book, History of State and Sufferings of Church of Scotland, Barrowstown, County Down, Ireland.

The Thursby family can trace its lineage to King Canute in the eleventh century, and thence into the unrecorded history of Denmark.   A John Thursby (b. 1352, from Worcester, d. 1373) was the Archbishop of York in the 14th Century.  Thoresby, and North and South Thoresby are parishes in Lincolnshire.   The family claims a Saxon origin being derived from Gospatrich, Lord of Thoresby, who ws living at the time of the Conquest.

Susan Thursby Callen sent Aunt Elma the following quote from a friend stationed in England, "On looking through a book on old buildings and such in Essex the other day, I came across a picture of a large house in the 16th and 17th centuries that had been a Thursby Ancestral Hall.  The family had originated in Norfolk, I believe, and one son had married an Essex girl and established that branch".

My branch of the Thursby family was the one that followed the Prince of Orange into Ireland.  Many people went to Ireland for several generations waiting to go to America.  Ours seems to have been there at least three generations.  A John Thursby came to America in 1796 and started the first rope factory in the United States. 

William Thursby Sr is the family patriarch according to recorded family lineage.  William Thursby and Alice Williamson Thursby lived in County Down, Ireland, a Protestant County.  They were known as Covenanters.  The town name was said to be Callentrum, but Aunt Elma was unable to find it on any atlas. 

In her diary of 1929, Aunt Elma was told by Alice Thursby, a cousin of James F. Thursby, that Robert Thursby was 14 and William Thursby Jr was 16 when they came to this country.  From William Thursby's death at age 86, they must have arrived in 1850. 

William Thursby Sr never came to America, but Alice Williamson Thursby, on her way to this country, met a Mrs. Barnett, who was coming to America to look after her sons also.  The two became close friends as they were both enroute to McKeesport, near Pittsburg, PA.

Later, William Thursby's daughter, Liza Thursby, married a Barnett son, and her descendants were still residing in Philadelphia in 1929.  That year, Aunt Elma visited Lillian Barnett and Alice Hutchinson of Narbeth, PA.

Aunt Elma's records in 1964 included a reference that James W. Thursby had a dictionary of the Holy Bible in 1859. 

She also noted that there was a location in North Cumberland, England. called Thursby. 

The following are updated notes by Elma Louise Thursby [Maltsberger].  She updated her previous notes (above) in 1980.  Her notes and findings are included here with minor editing by Steven J. Davis.

William Thursby Jr, at the time of his marriage June 22, 1869,  ...