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This website is dedicated to my Aunt
Elma [THURSBY] Maltzberger
who dedicated a large part of her life to researching most of the information contained herein.  Her efforts were an inspiration to me and encouraged me to continue her research, and initiate my own research into the DAVIS side of the family tree.

I would also like to acknowledge the gifts I received from my parents,
Gerard Giles ("Jerry") and Alice "Arline" [THURSBY] Davis
Both taught me humility and instilled in me a wonderful sense of humor. 

My father was a man of unwavering pride, integrity, honor, and fairplay.  He taught me to stand firm for what I believe in, even if I found myself on the losing side.  What else would you expect from a decendant of  "Rob Roy" McGregor?

And from my mother, I received the courage to ask "How?" "Why?" or "Why NOT?"   She instilled in me the eternal quest to know what's around the next corner?   As a result of her gift, I have spent much of my life "pacing the cage".   While some have cursed these qualities in me, I am forever indebted to my parents for their gifts, example and direction.

  Steven J. Davis                  

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