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Tracing the ancestry of the newest DAVIS descendant,
Harper Lily DUNN
(born December 24, 2003)

Harper, like myself and her ancestors, is not the product of just her parents, but of her entire lineage.  Hopefully, she can draw on the strengths and character demonstrated by the best of them, even in the shadows of great risk, peril, and grief, to meet those unknown challenges that will confront her throughout her lifetime.

My name is Steve Davis.  Come in and I'll introduce you to the family.  

We are all here.   Protestants and Catholics, Quakers, Baptists, and Jehovah's Witnesses; Englishmen and Revolutionists; Union and Confederate Soldiers (even at the same battle); Slave owners and Conductors of the Underground Railroad; From the Archbishop of York in England, to Rob Roy "Robert the Red" McGregor of Scotland.  We are immigrants from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada and more. 

If it was an important part of the history of America, and in some cases, world history, we were there to experience the triumphs and tragedies that created America, we crossed the American frontier, and we have contributed in making this country the great beacon of Democracy it is today.



This website traces the following family surnames as follows:

DAVIS: to George DAVIS of New York (b. circa 1810).
McDONALD: to imigrant ancestor Donald McDONALD of Scotland, (b. circa 1825).
THURSBY: to imigrant ancestor William THURSBY of County Down, Ireland (b. circa 1798).
EDGINGTON: to imigrant ancestor George EDGINGTON of Wales (b. 1707).
KINCAID: to imigrant ancestor Col. John KINCAID of Stirlingshire, Scotland (b. circa 1730).
DOUGLASS: to imigrant ancestor William DOUGLASS I of Ireland (b. circa 1700).
MADDEN: to George MADDEN of Chester County, North Carolina (b. 1759).  
ROBBINS: to imigrant ancestor Isaac ROBBINS of Wales, (b. circa 1670).
WILLIAMSON: Researching information on Alice WILLIAMSON of Ireland (b. circa 1800).
ALEXANDER: Researching information on Matilda ALEXANDER of Pittsburg, PA (b. 1839).
TAYLOR: Researching information on Mary TAYLOR of York, PA (b. 1773)
WEST: Researching information on Mary WEST of New York (b. circa 1815).
BURNS: Researching information on Elizabeth BURNS of Canada (b. circa 1840).
McINTYRE: Researching information on Flora McINTYRE of Scotland (b. circa 1845)

The following Surnames were added to the DAVIS family tree by Generation IV:

To be added at a later date.

The following Surnames were added to the DAVIS family tree by Generation V:

To be added at a later date.

The following Surnames were added to the DAVIS family tree by Generation VI:
DUNN: Christopher DUNN m. Karin DAVIS.

To be added at a later date.

This website is dedicated to my Aunt
Elma [THURSBY] Maltzberger
who dedicated a large part of her life to researching most of the information contained herein.  Her efforts were an inspiration to me and encouraged me to continue her research, and initiate my own research into the DAVIS side of the family tree.

I would also like to acknowledge the gifts I received from my parents,
Gerard Giles ("Jerry") DAVIS and Alice "Arline" [THURSBY] Davis
Both taught humility and instilled in me a wonderful sense of humor,

My father was a man of unwavering pride, integrity, honor, and fairplay.  He taught me to stand firm for what I believe in, even if I found myself on the losing side.  What else would you expect from a decendant of  "Rob Roy" McGregor?

And from my mother, I received the courage to ask "How?" "Why?" or "Why NOT?"   She instilled in me the eternal quest to seek what's just around the next bend?   As a result of that gift, I have spent much of my life "pacing the cage".   While some have cursed these qualities in me, I am forever indebted to both of my parents for their gifts, example and direction.

If you share any common ancestry
with anyone listed at this website,
If you have suggestions as to
where to look for further information,